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Dr. Israel Halperin

Dr. Halperin completed his Ph.D. studies at Edith-Cowan University in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport in 2017. He studied the effects of augmented feedback on the performance of elite athletes under the supervision of Professor Chris Abbiss. He then completed his post-doctoral training with Professor David Behm at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, focusing on ways to optimize exercise training programs. Dr. Halperin joined the School of Public Health at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Sylvan Adams Sport Institute as a faculty member in 2019.


Yedidya Silverman

Laboratory Manager

Yedidya completed his BPT in physiotherapy at Ben-Gurion University in 2017, and is currently pursuing his MSc in Clinical Epidemiology at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem. Yedidya  assists in designing experiments, data gathering and analysis on many of the projects being carried out in our lab as well running it's day to day affairs.


Hadar Schwartz

PhD Student

Hadar completed her BPT (2008) and MScPt (2015) in Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University. Her research focuses on autonomy-supportive and perception-based resistance training prescription models. 


Yael Zeevi

Msc Student

Yael completed her BPT in Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University (2015). Her research focuses on exercise in group settings, social dynamics, and leadership as a key factor in planning group resistance training programs.


Eyal Colorni

Msc Student

Eyal competed his B.Ed  in (2011) and an M.P.E (2014) in Physical Education at the Academic College at Wingate. Eyal is researching the effects of self-selected  rest periods in a repeated sprint protocol on physiological, psychological, and performance outcomes. 

Msc Student

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Ori Kobi

Ori completed his BSc in biology and economy at the Open University (2019). His research will focus on the utility of RPE as an intensity prescription method in small-sided games in soccer. 


 Asaf Ben Ari

Msc Student

Asaf completed his BPT in physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University (2018). His research will focus on the validity and reliability of session rating of perceived effort.

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Miri Nevo

Msc Student

Miri completed her B.Ed in Physical Education at the Seminar Kibbutzim College in 1994. Her research focuses on the long term effects of attentional focus on motor skills. 


Shlomi Konfino

Msc Student

Shlomi completed his B.Ed in Physical Education at the Seminar Kibbutzim College (2021). His research will focus on the effect of autonomy supportive and perception based resistance training prescription models on various physiological measures.

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 Shlomi Hail

Msc Student

Shlomi completed his BA in health administration at Ariel University in 2022. His research focuses on the relationship between perception, performance and neurophysiological measures of effort. 


Dennis Okhamafe

Msc Student

Dennis completed both his BA in behavioral science and his MA in management and conflict resolution at Ben Gurion university. 

Msc Student


Tomer Malleron

Tomer completed his BPT in physiotherapy at Ben-Gurion University in 2019 and his MSc in 2023. Tomer's research focused on in perception based models of resistance training and their impact on motor performance and adherence.  Tomer now works as a Data Analyst at Clalit Innovation - a leading Israeli healthcare data analytics company.  


Aviv Emmanuel

PhD Student

Aviv completed his BA in Psychology and Philosophy at Ben-Gurion University (2015), and his M.A in Social Psychology at Tel-Aviv University (2017). Aviv’s research focused on motivation, effortful behavior, and applied psychology in sports and exercise. He completed his PhD in 2022.

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