Aviv Emmanuel

PhD Student

Aviv completed his BA in Psychology and Philosophy at Ben-Gurion University (2015), and his M.A in Social Psychology at Tel-Aviv University (2017). Aviv’s research focuses on motivation, effortful behavior, and applied psychology in sports and exercise.


Itai Har-Nir

Lab Manager

Itai completed his B.Ed and an M.P.E in physical education at the Academic College at Wingate (2008), and is currently pursuing his MScPt in Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University (2015). Itai coordinates the lab schedule, assists in data collecting and with administrative needs.


Yael Zeevi

Msc Student

Yael completed her BPT in Physiotherapy at Tel Aviv University (2015). Her research focuses on exercise in group settings, social dynamics, and leadership as a key factor in planning group resistance training programs.